The Best of Farts 23 – High Quality

Here’s another great compilation of farting clips for you to enjoy!In scene 1 – Mandy controls Raven’s fart slave and loads her fart hole with flours as her butt hole explodes shooting geysers of stinky flour into his face. We get in close as her puckered fart hole winks and spews it’s treasure all over her slave. Again and again her slave is showered with clouds of the white smelly powder! In scene 2 – Kelly takes Mandy thru a Stinky aerobics workout. Kelly cringes as Mandy’s ass gas spews forth and smells up the room. OH MY GOD! Kelly exclaims. What did you have to eat? Long loud juicy ripping farts shoot from Mandy’s ass throughout the entire workout!And in scene 3 – Mandy arrives home from the bar a little tipsy and finds that Kelly has hogged the couch. Well she’s gonna fix that and retaliates by ripping long, loud farts into her face as she sleeps. The stench of her ass gas makes her begin to toss and turn. Then she covers her with the blanket and rips a fart that she thought would never end under the covers. Then Mandy climbs up on top of her and blasts a fart that would wake the dead as Kelly screams! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? She yells. Mandy keeps up the gas until she finally drives Kelly off of the couch and onto the floor!!!!!

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