The Best Of Farts 22 – Full Length HQ

Here’s another smelly compilation of fart clips for you to enjoy!In scene 1 – Little Rob has talked Mandy into a Twister challenge but little does he know that Mandy’s has been holding back farts all morning. As Kelly begins to call out the moves and Mandy stretches for the colors, her ass starts shooting stinky smelly farts into Rob’s face. Soon her stored up gas is flowing as little Rob is sprayed with fart after fart!!In scene 2 – Kelly has a special surprise for her fart slave as she coats Mandy’s puckered fart hole with gooey chocolate syrup which sprays onto Robs face when she releases her stinky smelly farts. At first the realism is just too much for little rob as he gags and fights to hold his cookies. But the browner her little fart hole gets the more he enjoys it. Soon he has the crap smeared all over his face and he presses his nose in tight as Mandy cuts fart after fart for him to savor! We got some great close up shots of her brown eye winking at her slave!And in scene 3 – Crystal is enjoying an evening visit with Mandy when all of a sudden she lets loose a barrage of gross stinky farts. EWEEEE! They stink! Crystal exclaims as Mandy’s ass gas fills the room. OH MY GOD! She yells as Mandy cuts one that rattles the windows. HOLY SH!T That sounded like the Hersey Squirts! As she holds her nose from the stench..

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